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You can become a friend of the foundation with a donation of at least € 15.- per year or € 5.- per month. You thereby support the preservation of Gennep Noord, a pearl of peace and nature in the dynamic and hectic city of Eindhoven. Your donation will be used for promotion and maintenance of Gennep Noord and for educational and cultural activities.

The Friends of the Living Gennep Foundation (Friends of Gennep) has been designated as Cultural ANBI by the tax authorities. If you donate to a Cultural ANBI, you are entitled to an extra gift deduction on the basis of the Allowance Act. You therefore receive a tax benefit in the income tax.
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    We thank you in advance for your donation. After receiving your message you will receive an authorization form for signature. We would like to see that signed, returned, by post or by mail.

    We prefer donating by direct debit authorization due to administrative ease and it saves us (as volunteers) a lot of time. An authorization can easily be undone: a notification to the bank within 8 weeks after debiting or a message to us is sufficient. If you do not want to authorize us or support us financially in any other way, please let us know via the contact form on our website.

    If you want to do more and support us with volunteering, you can indicate this here:

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